1943-1945 Camp Chaffee Flannel

(Chevrons and Diamonds Collection)
Showing the soutache, athletic felt lettering and the button placket (Chevrons and Diamonds Collection)

Acquired February 2022, this Camp Chaffee (Arkansas) jersey dates to mid-late World War II. Despite extensive research, we were unable to determine the specific season this was used (likely 1944 or 45 nor could we pinpoint a specific player from the roster. The jersey was made in Waterloo, Iowa (600 miles due north of Camp Chaffee) by Powers Athletic Wear which is still in operation.

Jersey Features:

  • Buttons: ,Five green four-hole concave green plastic buttons (the bottom one is missing).
  • Material: The base material is gray/road wool-flannel.
  • Soutache: Extending from the base of the sun collar around the edge of the sleeve cuff is a two-inches wide red wool base stripe with a centered one-inch blue rayon stripe.
  • Lettering: Standard three-inch navy athletic felt .
  • Numerals: Standard 14-inch navy athletic felt .
  • Sleeves: Nine inches, reinforced and gusseted with armpit vents.
  • Tag: Powell Athletic Wear, size 42.
(Chevrons and Diamonds Collection)
  • As of August 2023, this jersey is no longer part of the Chevrons and Diamonds Collection.

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