I am attempting be more specialized with the subject of my writing. When I started collecting militaria, it was merely by way of inheriting artifacts from family members (a substantial volume of Third Reich items and my grandfather’s uniforms, decorations and ephemera). I suppose that I have always been a collector of sorts which translated well into one who preserves history.

I was introduced to baseball by my father (who is a Vietnam combat veteran) and fondly recall watching the NBC Game of the Week on Saturdays in the early 1970s. Because of their dominance during that era, it seems that the Dodgers and Red Sox were the prevalent teams that were given air time and so, influenced me in the teams I now call my own.

When I embarked on my militaria habit, I soon discovered that my passions for military and baseball presented an interesting collecting focus. It wasn’t long before my collecting took on a new, more specialized direction.

This blog was birthed as an outlet for my need for writing, sharing acquisitions and providing an open forum for debate regarding the history of this sport and how it is integrated within the ranks of the armed forces. I hope that I hear from people who will verify, question and contest my assertions, assumptions and research. Since so little is available about the artifacts from this sport and it’s connection to the armed forces, I hope to shed some light.

I do not profess to be an expert on all things military baseball yet I do have a few connections (to tap into their knowledge) who I would assert are just that. After several years of researching, acquiring and enjoying artifacts, photos and ephemera, I hope that my efforts on this blog will be, at the very least, entertaining for prospective readers.

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