The Author and Founder

Chevrons and Diamonds along with The Veterans Collection were founded by a veteran (U.S. Navy) who has a passion for both military and baseball history (collecting and preserving artifacts, researching and writing).

My interest in collecting baseball militaria is concentrated more on the veteran and ball player rather than the soley the object or artifact. Specifically, my research centers on veterans, their service to this nation and their connection with baseball. Individual stories and personal narratives are what transforms history from something that can be rather distant, dull and boring into being vibrant and identifiable, breathing the life back into history. To achieve this, I employ the object or artifact as a vehicle to bridge the gap between history and personal stories.

As an amateur genealogist and a military historian, I discovered this area of collecting by way of inheriting militaria, historical papers and photographs. I began my quest to document familial military heritage in order to leave behind a detailed narrative as legacy down to my own children. When I discovered photographs of relatives who played baseball with their military units within this collection of artifacts, my childhood love of baseball was reignited, providing me with another avenue with what has become a passionate hobby.

I spent a year writing about militaria collecting and my personal interests for (which was decommissioned in 2013), a site that featured several authors who focused their writing upon hobbies pertaining to collecting historical artifacts, memorabilia and Americana. The site was funded and sponsored by A&E Networks (A&E, History Channel, Military History, Lifetime, etc.) which meant that I was blessed to have a paid writing gig while providing me with a vehicle that served to expand my writing capabilities and research skills as I explored new directions of militaria collecting.

Chevrons and Diamonds was birthed with a different approach from my previous writing experience in that I was able to strip away the pressure of adherence to someone else’s publication timeline (free from deadlines and the removal of business-driven content agendas) allowing me to focus on the aspects of military baseball history that I find most interesting. In addition, I am afforded flexibility to ensure that I have my family priorities in proper perspective.

I hope you find this site informative, insightful and most importantly, enjoyable.

The Vet Collector

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