Archive of Military Baseball Uniforms

Researching military baseball uniforms can be daunting and very unrewarding in that there is very little information available for research. Even within the realm of collecting uniforms from professional teams, the available data is limited. As I build out this list and the supporting pages, it is my hope to capture as much detailed information that I can in order to properly document each jersey or uniform as possible. If I have written an article that includes the jersey, it will be linked within the details column. Each item will also have its own page with every image that I can provide.

The uniforms and jerseys are sorted by service branch (and a military-related category):


Contribute to this digital library
This library is a work in progress. As more of these pieces surface, they will be added here. If you have a military baseball jersey or uniform that you would be willing to share with other enthusiasts, researchers, historians and collectors, please contact us.

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