1941-50 US Army Fort Lewis Mascot Road Gray Jersey

Complete with 2-color, three dimensional lettering, a sleeve patch, chain-stitched back-lettering and a tasteful rayon soutache design makes this Wilson-made Fort Lewis mascot jersey a very aesthetically interesting piece. (source: eBay image).

This Wilson Sporting Goods Company-made jersey bears many similarities to another Army jersey from the era (Bolling Field) that is also listed within this archive. From the color and layout of the soutache to the sleeve-length and overall design and cut, there are many similarities shared between the two. However, there are many differences that set the two distinctly apart.

Pinpointing the exact date that this Fort Lewis jersey was made and used is not a simple task. The fort’s history commenced with its establishment in January of 1917 following the citizens of the nearby City of Tacoma, Washington, voting to raise funds through taxation, to purchase land to transfer to the federal government bring the Army to the region. On September 30, 1927, the base became a permanent installation and was re-designated as Fort Lewis, which lends little assistance to accurately dating the jersey. Based upon the design, cut and the manufacturer’s label the uniform most-likely dates to 1945-1950.

Perhaps one of the more unique features of any jersey showcased on the Chevrons and Diamonds Archive of Military Baseball Uniforms, the chain-stitched lettering spelling out “Mascot” on the back sets this jersey apart. Depending upon the collector, this jersey being worn by a non-player might be a detractor and affect its value.

Requiring a greater, more detailed study (for this brand overall), this Wilson tag was used by the Wilson Sporting Goods Company from 1941 though 1950 with an alternative tag (white backing with black, instead of gold lettering) employed. With many of the 1940s-era major league Wilson-made jerseys, the size tag is predominantly located to the right of the label. The care instructions tag can vary or be absent entirely, however the size tag is sewn over the top, partially obscuring the information.

This design of the Wilson tag (black with red brand/country of origin and gold taglines) began use in the early 1940s through 1950 (source: eBay image).

Uniform Features:


  • Buttons: The five buttons are black-colored plastic, concave, four-hole.
  • Material: The base material is light-weight road gray wool-flannel.
  • Soutache: 1/4″ rayon double line on each side of the placket, extending down to just below the bottom button, squared off. Double line soutache encircling the sleeves, 1/4-inch from the cuffs edge.
  • Lettering: Heavy red on blue athletic felt block lettering spelling out the team name in an arc across the chest, on both sides of the placket.
  • Numerals: Red chain-stitched “Mascot” across the jersey’s back.
  • Sleeves: Raglan-style with a length (from the edge of the shoulder) of eight inches.
  • Other features: Armpit gussets with vent holes.
  • Tag:  “Wilson” with size (“38”).


  • None

Note: Listed at auction in mid-November, 2018, the seller’s valuation was exceedingly high either due to being influenced by exorbitant pricing for professional ballplayer’s jerseys on the market or they are simply price gouging. This page will be updated with any price changes or the final value predicated upon a sale.

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