Camp Hunter Liggett Satin

Camp Hunter Liggett – 1940s Satin Jersey and ball cap made by Spalding.
Lettering on the jersey’s back (source: eBay image).

What makes the military baseball uniform unique beyond it being the only one that I have found is that it is directly attributed to a specific Army installation. Camp Hunter Liggett and that it is made of the rarely seen satin material.  The uniform jersey’s manufacturer tag that shows it was made by A. G. Spalding & Brothers, the design of which indicates that the uniform dates to the early years of the fort; between 1941 and ’42 (the tag was used by Spalding from ’34-’42).  Though it is difficult to discern from the photos, the block lettering on the chest (“ARMY”) and back (“Camp Hunter Liggett”) appears to be made from a burgundy-colored athletic felt (see Satin on Diamonds: a Rare WWII Army Baseball Uniform for more details).

Uniform Features:


  • Buttons: The buttons are dark gray-colored plastic, concave, four-hole.
  • Material: The base material is cream-colored (home white) satin. The sleeves are of the raglan design and made of a burgundy-colored satin.
  • Soutache: None
  • Lettering: Lightweight burgundy athletic felt block lettering spelling out “ARMY” on the chest and the team name on two separate lines on the back.
  • Numerals: None
  • Sleeves: Eight inches, non-gusseted.
  • Tags: “A. G. Spalding & Brothers” and size (“38”) tags are sewn inside and below the back of the collar.


  • Material: The base material on the crown is cream-colored (home white) satin with blue pinstripes.
  • Sweatband: Leather.
  • Bill: burgundy-colored satin.
  • Trim: Narrow piping (burgundy-colored rayon) adorns each seam (between panels)
  • Tags: None visible.
  • Crown button: burgundy-colored satin.

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