1950s USMC Uniform Set

Perhaps one of the most visually appealing military baseball uniforms, this 1950s-era road gray USMC jersey and trousers set was sold in 2012 (source: eBay image).

This road gray uniform is comprised of a jersey and trousers set (with a khaki USMC uniform belt) sold on March 26, 2012 (on eBay) with a winning bid of $232.50. Based upon the design of the jersey (the cut, sleeve length, trim, etc.), the uniform group dates from the mid-late 1950s and quite-possibly, could have been used as late as into the early 1960s. The overall condition is fantastic and shows little since of game-usage with no tears or repairs visible in any of the provided photographs.

Note the Eagle, Globe and Anchor (EGA) patch on the left breast and the patch of the First Marine Division on the left sleeve. Unlike other known WWII USMC uniforms, this one also sports a player-number on the back of the jersey (#22).

I am always hesitant to assign a value to any object that I own or that I have/had interest in acquiring. Most military baseball uniforms sets typically hover in value around $100, depending upon several factors:

  • Military branch/unit popularity/notoriety
  • Condition
  • Name/provenance
  • Grouping completeness – are there documents, photographs (of the uniform in use or of the original owner wearing it)?
  • Uniqueness of the uniform, itself (construction, materials, age, etc.)

The 1950s gray/blue/gold USMC uniform sold for more than $230 with several bidders showing interest. This valuation isn’t the “rule” for military baseball uniform values but rather an exception as it possesses multiple unique traits that set it apart from the type of uniforms that typically come to market. For militaria collectors, USMC artifacts always generate more interest and that this was one of only a few that are different from the typical gray/red trim WWII uniforms that typically sell. It is the only version with the EGA insignia to be listed in a decade.

Unfortunately, I was unable to afford the purchase price.

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