1955 Marines Jersey

This 1955 Marines jersey was listed at auction in July of 2018 with a requested initial bid price of $249.99. (source: eBay image).

The most commonly available military baseball uniform that is seen listed at auction for sale is the road gray (trimmed in red), World War II-era version. These are so commonplace that at times, as many as 2-3 are for listed for sale in a month just on eBay. At the time of this auction’s listing, a WWII version had just been (unsuccessfully) listed for $135 while this later uniform (which could have been used as late as the early 1960s) opened with an initial bid request of $249.

As the gray-flannel, red-trimmed uniforms are quite common in the market place, it is readily apparent that the Marines were the most prolific in terms of outfitting their service teams. Another reason for the readily available Marines uniform is that the US Marine Corps were consistent with what was distributed to their servicemen whether in the South Pacific or domestically (rather than each command in each of the other branches designing their individual team uniforms).  This particular jersey was a bit of a departure from the others in our archive as it demonstrated a return to the wartime lettering though the jersey itself lacked the other features seen on the older flannels.

The design of this uniform is quite comparable to what is seen with professional and local teams from the mid-late 1950s.

Uniform Features:


  • Buttons: The five buttons are gray pearlescent plastic, concave, two-hole with the top button showing some age separation damage.
  • Material: The base material is road gray wool-flannel.
  • Soutache: A doubled, 1/2-inch line of red rayon material that encircles the collar and down the placket. A single line soutache is also on the sleeve cuffs.
  • Lettering: The “Marine” lettering differs from that of the late WWII in its alignment in conjunction with the button configuration. Gone is the color-matched button falling on the “I” (in Marines) as is seen on earlier versions.  This uniform shell is nearly identical to the 1950s Marine Corps League Baseball Uniform also seen in our archive.
  • Numerals: Red athletic felt “19” on the back, showing some pulling away on the “1” digit.
  • Sleeves: Four inches, vented and non-gusseted.
  • Tags: Small red-numeral, size “39” sewn inside and below the back of the collar.

Trousers: None

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