WWII Marines Jersey with Numerals

This road gray Marines baseball jersey includes the common (across these USMC flannel jerseys) sun collar flap. One oddity with this jersey is that the buttons appear to be white rather than gray (source: eBay image).

Perhaps this uniform is the most common seen listed for sale at various antiques and auction sites, however this individual jersey has something that sets it apart from every other World War II road gray Marines uniform. While every other appearance of this jersey lacks any additional appointments, the back of this jersey has been modified with red athletic felt numerals.  As can be clearly seen in the images, the numerals were (most likely) constructed of different materials than the lettering that is applied to the front which caused the colors to bleed with improper laundering techniques. The unfortunate bleeding has caused irreparable damage with the most intense discoloring occurring in the material immediately adjacent to the numbers. However, the entire jersey has a red hue that takes away from the overall appearance of the jersey. In addition to the color damage, the uniform is highly soiled from game-use.

Uniform Features:

  • Buttons: The buttons are gray-colored plastic, convex, two-hole which are common across most of the military uniforms. A single red button is centered over the letter “I” on the placard.
  • Material: The base material is road gray wool-flannel.
  • Soutache: A double line of red rayon material that encircles the collar and down the placket. A double line soutache is also on the sleeve cuffs.
  • Lettering: Thin red athletic felt block letters spelling out the team name.
  • Numerals: Heavy red athletic felt digits “25” are centered on the back.
  • Sleeves: Eight inches, vented and gusseted.
  • Tags: As with all other Marines jersey, the only tag that is present is the size (40) sewn inside and below the back of the collar.

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