1943-45 US Navy Road Gray Uniform

After comparing this wartime Navy jersey to several examples in our photograph archive, we the lettering is unlike the more commonly documented versions (source: eBay image).

Listed not too long after the jersey, this photo shows the same style of lettering and the odd alignment (source: eBay image).

Navy baseball uniforms from the 1940s are about as scarce as hen’s teeth which is odd, considering how prevalent they are in period photographs. As with the other jerseys captured within this archive, most of the Navy uniforms typically have thin block letters (sans serifs). Aside from the lettering font style difference, this jersey also features an unusual alignment of the “V” and “Y” letters that are not arranged equally within the same arc as the “N” and the “A” which gives a sense of a recent alteration or addition. Another unusual feature of this jersey is the soutache placement on the placket – it ends abruptly just slightly above the third button.

The sleeve length is roughly six inches and the presence of a sun collar is on par with the fairly common Marines (red on gray) road jersey of the same period along with a single soutache strip encircling an inch above the cuff. The undersides of the sleeves feature gusseted and vented armpits.


What further distinguishes this jersey from the majority of the field of military baseball uniforms is the presence of a manufacturer’s tag. In this case, the presence of a period-correct Lowe & Campbell tag (including the size – 42) and the four-hole concave buttons.

Lowe & Campbell tag showing the size – 42 (source: eBay image).

Uniform Features:


  • Buttons: The six buttons (one is missing) are gray-colored plastic, concave, four-hole.
  • Material: The base material is medium-weight road gray wool-flannel.
  • Soutache: thin rayon single line on each side of the placket, extending down the top 1/3 of the jersey and around the collar. Single line soutache encircling the sleeves, 1-inch from the cuffs edge.
  • Lettering: Lightweight blue athletic felt block lettering spelling out the team name in an arc across the chest, on both sides of the placket.
  • Numerals: Medium weight blue athletic felt block numerals (with serifs) showing “10” on the jersey’s back.
  • Sleeves: six inches.
  • Other features: Armpit gussets with vent holes.
  • Tag:  “Lowe & Campbell” with size (“42”).


  • None

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