World War II Waldron Field Jersey

This gray wool flannel jersey was used by the baseball team from the Waldron Naval Aviation Auxiliary Field (NAAF) near Naval Air Station Corpus Cristi.

This uniform was recently listed at auction. Most of the military-issued uniforms lack manufacturer’s tags, this jersey has one present in the collar. The tag reads” “Johnny Lynch’s Sports Inc.” It is likely that the jersey was made by one of the larger sporting manufacturers (MacGregor/Goldsmith, Wilson, Rawlings, etc.) and re-labeled by Johnny Lynch’s.  The jersey is very typical in its 1940s design with the wool flannel material, a rayon-based soutache on the placket and around the collar and sleeves. The vented armpit gussets are also common for this era.

Uniform Features:

  • Buttons: The buttons are white-colored plastic, concave, four-hole which are uncommon for most of the military uniforms that I have seen.
  • Material: The base material is gray-colored, wool-flannel (a road uniform).
  • Soutache: A double line of two-color (red over navy blue) rayon material that encircles the collar and down the placket. The single line soutache is on the sleeve cuffs.
  • Lettering: Lightweight blue athletic felt block letters spelling out the team name.
  • Numerals: Heavy blue athletic felt digit “2” is centered on the back.
  • Sleeves: Approximately 5 inches, with vented gussets.
  • Tags: “Johnny Lynch’s Sports, Inc.” manufacturer’s tag (a local area – New Orleans, LA – sporting goods company) sewn inside and below the back of the collar. In addition, laundering instruction (“dry clean only”) and size (“44”) are sewn below the manufacturer’s tag.

Notable Players from this unit:


Waldron refers to Waldron Field which is now encompassed within Naval Air Station Corpus Cristi in Texas, was established in 1943 prior to the NAS base completion. It was named in honor of LCDR John C. Waldron, commanding officer of Torpedo Squadron 8, based on the USS Hornet (the squadron was famed for its attack on one of the Japanese carriers during the Battle of Midway losing all hands except for one, Ensign Gay). Though I have yet to discover any information regarding sporting activities at this base, there are still baseball diamonds located adjacent to the still in-use runways.

Presently at Waldron Field are these three ball fields that appear to be part of a youth sports complex (image source: Google Maps).

*This uniform group is presently a part of VetCollector’s collection.

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