World War II Bolling Field Jersey

World War II or earlier) Bolling Field, US Army Air Force jersey. This uniform jersey is made of gray road) wool flannel with athletic felt lettering. The soutache is black rayon.

Showing the Bolling Field collar, lettering and soutache.

Though recent research efforts haven’t yielded definitive results regarding the baseball team’s history, this road gray jersey is decidedly authentic to the World War II time period. T

The design and construction is consistent with most baseball uniforms of this time-period with a few exceptions which are, most-likely due to the differences in manufacturers. This jersey, though tagged with a Lowe and Campbell logo and size tag was almost certainly made by the Wilson Sporting Goods company, based upon the L&C (once an independent sporting goods company, by WWII, Lowe and Campbell was a division of Wilson) tag and the button design (four-hole, concave).

Having spent a fair amount of effort researching the jersey, the manufacturer and Bolling Field in search anything that could help to date the the jersey and uncover any details regarding the team’s performance, I have no doubts as to this jersey’s use during the Second World War.  Additional details regarding this uniform set and the team’s unit history are available: A Propeller, Wings and a Baseball: A Diamond from Bolling Field.

Uniform Features:

  • Buttons: The buttons are brown-colored plastic, concave, four-hole which are uncommon for most of the military uniforms.
  • Material: The base material is gray-colored, wool-flannel (a road uniform).
  • Soutache: A double line of thin black rayon material that encircles the collar and down the placket. The single line soutache is on the sleeve cuffs, approximately 1-inch from the edge.
  • Lettering: Thick, gold-over-black athletic felt block letters spelling out the team name. Unique stitching lends itself to a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Numerals: None
  • Sleeves: Approximately 6 inches in length, sewn-in.
  • Tags: “Lowe and Campbell Athletic Goods” manufacturer’s tag sewn inside and below the back of the collar. The tag also includes the garment’s size (“40”).

Bolling Field was established in 1917, carved out from the Defense Department’s land acquisition that was intended to provide military air training facilities in the Washington D.C. area. The other installation that shared the land with Bolling was Naval Air Station Anacostia which now encompasses the entire area. Bolling Air Force Base (now part of Joint-Base Anacostia-Bolling) was established in 1948 apart from NAS Anacostia and was not previously associated with the original property acquisition in 1917.

*This uniform group is presently a part of VetCollector’s collection.

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