GoldSmith/MacGregor-Goldsmith/MacGregor Uniform Tag Reference

In the absence of any credible or consistent online database of uniform tags or labels for baseball jerseys made by the GoldSmith, Goldsmith/MacGregor, or MacGregor sporting goods company through their evolution, this page will be used to capture the tags in order to be used for comparative analysis and uniform dating. Tags will only be added to this page from confirmed, dated uniforms in order to be a reliable resource.

Philip Goldsmith immigrated to the United States from Austria in 1861. In just seven year, he opened a toy store in Covington, Kentucky, reselling toy dolls made Wolf Fletcher who owned a small manufacturing and repair business. Six years later in 1875, Mr. Goldsmith partnered with with Fletcher in his manufacturing operation. When business was slow, Fletcher began hand-cutting and stitching residual materials (from his toy-making) into baseballs. The following year, GoldSmith and Fletcher patented their baseball winding machine invention and developed a sporting goods line for their business. After splitting in 1878, Mr. Goldsmith started his own doll and sports equipment manufacturing business continuing on his success. After passing away from drowning in the early 1890s, two of his sons (Oscar and Alfred) took over the business and focused solely on sporting goods manufacturing. Alfred sold his interest to their brother Edgar and another brother, Hugo joined into the partnership and renamed the business, P. GoldSmith and Sons, relocating the business to nearby CIncinnati, Ohio.

P. GoldSmith and Sons grew the business and were in the position to acquire two other substantial (and financially suffering) sporting goods manufacturers amid the Great Depression, Draper & Maynard and Crawford McGregor & Canby Co. which made the popular MacGregor golf clubs and equipment.

in 1946, GoldSmith added the MacGregor name to their product lines and became known as MacGregor GoldSmith as they began to re-brand and capture the cache of the popular MacGregor sporting goods products and name. By 1953 the GoldSmith name was dropped entirely and the company was simply known as MacGregor and their jerseys remained popular well into the 1960’s.

Tag Year Uniform
1943 Philadelphia Athletics Road Jersey
(image source:
1944 Philadelphia Phillies Home Jersey
(image source:
1945 New York Giants Home Jersey
(image source:
1946 New York Giants Road Jersey
(image source:
1946 Brooklyn Dodgers Road Jersey
1948 Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey
1951 Brooklyn Dodgers (Roy Campanella, road)
1952 Philadelphia Athletics road
(image source:
1954 New York Giants
(Leo Durocher, road)
(image source:
1955 Denver Bears (road)
1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Road Jersey
1957 Pittsburgh Pirates Road.
(image source:
1958 Amateur league baseball undershirt
1961 Chicago White Sox (road)
1967 Detroit Tigers (road)
1967 Santa Clara Broncos (road)
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