Aside from bats, glove and uniforms, one of the most sought-after categories of baseball militaria collecting is game’s namesake; the baseball. As is the case with other diamond equipment, not all baseballs distributed to the troops were factory-marked with anything to indicate military usage or the intended recipients. The majority of equipment used by troops for recreation and by service teams lacked military markings making linking such pieces to armed forces usage nearly impossible.

Fortunately there are plenty of military-used baseballs that are identifiable by manufacturer-applied markings.

The Chevrons and Diamonds Collection features several game used, team signed and unused baseballs dating to World War II and beyond.

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Military markings including “U.S.N.,” “U.S.,” “Special Services U.S. Army,” and “U.S. Army” are the most commonly applied stamps found on those balls used during World War II that left baseball manufacturing facilities for the armed forces. Many of the baseballs distributed to troops were manufactured and marked for major and minor leagues and bear those stamps. Other manufacturers participated in supplying baseballs to the armed forces including the Worth-Lannon Manufacturing Company. Included in our resources are external sources that are helpful in identifying and dating balls that may have been used by GIs or service teams.

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