Caring for History: Artifact Preservation

With a broad mixture of artifacts in the Chevrons and Diamonds Collection, care and management of each piece is carefully considered. While there are common sense approaches in caring for the varying materials, they aren’t widely understood or practiced. Many collectors invest heavily in curating and acquiring pieces and then display or store them in ways that cause gradual and unnoticeable deterioration over time. While we do not have the financial capabilities or the state-of-the-art facilities that are seen in museums, we can borrow practices instituted by seasoned curators at revered institutions like the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Listed below are links to the Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Ask the Expert” video series from 2020-2021 that were published on the museum’s Facebook page. In order to view these, you will need to have an active account on the social media platform.

While we haven’t produced highly detailed step-by-step content regarding our processes, we have covered our efforts in stabilizing, rejuvenation and long-term care of some artifacts in our collection.




Restoration Products We Use:

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