Chevrons and Diamonds Baseball Collection

Our collection of wartime baseballs has been growing and we are pleased to showcase examples for comparison to assist collectors and researchers in identifying potential military-used artifacts.

YearMakerLeague/Type MarkingsMilitary MarkTeamSignedRelated Article
1942Worth-LannonProfessional Base Ball FundNoneNoneNo
1943SpaldingNational League/Ford C. FrickNone1943 Pearl Harbor Submarine Base DolphinsYesMore
1943GoldSmithProfessional Base Ball FundNone1943 Norfolk Naval Training Station BluejacketsYesMore
1944ReachAmerican League/William HarridgeNone1944 Norfolk Naval Training Station BluejacketsYesMore
1944RawlingsProfessional Base Ball FundNone1945 USAAF – MarianasYes
1945WilsonAmerican Association/George TU.S.N.1945 USAAF/USN MarianasYes
1944Universal Sports Co.Day and Night Official SoftballU.S. Armed Forces1945 Aiea Naval BarracksYesMore
1955*WilsonOfficial LeagueNone1956 36th Field Artillery GroupYesMore
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