Make a donation the Chevrons and Diamonds Archive: Allow Us to Preserve Your Family’s Artifacts

Preserving, documenting and archiving military baseball artifacts is a passion for me and when I can save an item from disposal or from being separated from its history (the history of the veteran who wore or used the artifact), I know that I am exemplifying and practicing what I know and believe in terms of saving and sharing history. Not only is this site serving as a perpetual museum, it is also a free research vehicle for others seeking to share the stories of those who served our nation and played the game.

There are folks who contact seeking a home for artifacts of their departed relatives pursuing a home where they will be cared for preserved as a legacy to the veteran and the game. It is our hope that others would give us a chance to safeguard their family’s military baseball history and to present and share them with the countless fans around the world.

If you have a piece that you want to find a home for, please contact us:

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