Joe DiMaggio at Fort Lawton July (May) 1944

Sgt. DiMaggio poses before batting in a 1944 game at Seattle’s Fort Lawton base. Joltin’ Joe was in Seattle awaiting transport to Hawaii on his way to his 7th AAF assignment (image source: Seattle Times).

Joe DiMaggio, who this week hung his glove alongside those of Babe Ruth, Bob Meusel, Herb Pennock and a galaxy of other ex-Yankees, appeared in Seattle several times as a Coast Leaguer, but only twice as a major-leaguer.

If Seattle fans missed seeing Joe, they needn’t be miffed, for DiMaggio’s performance here in July 1944 was for a most elite audience – his fellow soldiers in the United States Army.

Joe’s appearance here was when he and a group of other major- and minor-league ball players were barracked at Fort Lawton, awaiting transportation overseas.

The visit of DiMaggio and the other professionals was kept very quiet by officials at Fort Lawton then.

The score of the game is lost, as are the names of others who appeared with the great Yankee star, who announced his returement as an active player this week. But when the hot-stove-league is rumbling with tales of DiMaggio’s feats, and you fancy yourself a baseball expert, don’t argue too hard against it of somebody says DiMaggio platyed here after he went to the majors.

Joe did, and this Times picture of DiMag in a Fort Lawton uniform is proof. – December 13, 1951 – Seattle Times

This 1951 Seattle Times clipping accompanied the 1944 photograph of DiMaggio at a Fort Lawton baseball game.

Source: ninety feet of perfection

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