Library of Military Baseball Scorecards, Score-books and Game Programs

The goal of this library is to gather together as detailed an archive of these scarce documents from the games played by military teams. While my own collection is growing and is featured among these pieces, I am striving to capture as many artifacts as possible in order to present a workable reference for researchers and historians as well as fellow collectors. The principal focus of this archive are those pieces were printed and published for specific military baseball games however those used during the war years (WWI and WWII, specifically) for professional ballgames have many elements that align with the United States’ mission in tearing down aggression and tyranny (as may be seen in professional teams’ ephemera).

Game Teams Venue Game Date(s)
1930 Battlefleet Group Tournament: USS Maryland vs USS California* USS Maryland vs USS California Field 1
Guantanamo, Cuba
March 20, 1930
Seattle Indians vs USS Lexington Norfolk NTS Bluejackets vs Washington Senators Washington Ball Park, Bremerton, WA June 6, 1932
Benefit Game Fundraiser for Navy Relief* Great Lakes NTS Blue Jackets vs Toledo Mud Hens Swayne Field, Toledo, OH July 15, 1942
Norfolk NTS 1943 Season Opener* Norfolk NTS Bluejackets vs Washington Senators Norfolk NTS Stadium April 1-3, 1943
Independence Day Program* Sub Base Pearl vs Schofield Barracks Red Landers

Bellows Field Flyers vs Schofield Barracks Red Landers

Chickamauga Park, Oahu, HI July 4, 1943
6th Ferrying Group Charity Game* 6th Ferrying Group vs San Bernardino All-Stars Perris Hill Ball Park, San Bernardino, CA October 23, 1943
Navy versus Major League All-Stars U.S. Navy enlisted members vs former major leaguers (serving in the Army and Navy) Weaver Field, Submarine Base Wednesday, April 19, 1944
Central Pacific Area Service League* Aiea Hospital vs 7th Army Air Force Furlong Field, CHA3 Friday, August 25, 1944
Game 4 – Baseball Championship Series Army All-Stars vs Navy All Stars Maui, Hi Monday, September 25, 1944
Game 7 – Baseball Championship Series* Army All-Stars vs Navy All Stars Furlong Field, CHA3 Sunday, October 1, 1944
Game 10 – Baseball Championship Series Army All-Stars vs Navy All Stars Hoolulu Park, Hilo, Hi Friday, October 6, 1944
USASTAF Major League Baseball All Stars* 314th Bomb Wing “Wingmen” vs “Flyers” Guam Thursday, September 07, 1944
3rd vs 5th Fleet, Pacific Tour U.S. Navy, 3rd Fleet vs 5th Fleet Valor Field Saturday, March 10, 1945
Air Force General Depot No. 5 All Star Classic* “American League” All Stars vs “National League” All Stars Unknown Wednesday, May 30, 1945
Brooklyn Dodgers vs Cherry Point Flyers July 2, 1945 Brooklyn Dodgers vs Cherry Point Flyers Cherry Point, Marine Corps Air Station Monday, July 2, 1945
Third Army – Baseball Championship Series* Army 71st ID vs 76th ID Nuremberg Stadium, Nurnberg, Germany August 7, 8, 9 – 1945
1945 Navy World Series* Navy American vs National Leaguers Hawaii September 26-October 6, 1945
VE Day Baseball* 60th Infantry vs 39th Infantry Go Devil Stadium, Ingoldstadt, Germany May 8, 1946

*” denotes item is part of the Chevrons and Diamonds private collection.

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This library is a work in progress. As more of these pieces surface, they will be added here. If you have a military baseball scorecard, program or score book that you would be willing to share with other enthusiasts, researchers, historians and collectors, please contact us.

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