1942 Great Lakes vs Coffeyville Ban Johnson Refiners

(Courtesy of the Chuck Ailsworth Collection).

Exhibition games between service and professional teams were held throughout World War II. This scorecard from August 14, 1942 is quite extensive and detailed providing publicity photographs of individual players on both squads. The game was scheduled as a fund-raiser for Navy Relief with a portion of the proceeds covering the cost of the Bluejackets’ travel to Coffeyville, Kansas.

GLNTS Bluejackets Coffeyville Refiners
Number Player Position Number Player
19 Ernie Andres 3B 22 Jack Watkins
22 Earl Bolyard CF 31 Clyde Kreatz
20 Cliff Clay P 29 Jack  Southwick
3 Mickey Cochrane MGR/C 9 Bob Cain
9 Joe Grace RF 14 Floyd Lewis
10 Chester Hajduk 1B 44 Ted Bartle
7 Sam Harshaney C 25 Merle Applebee
11 John Lucadello SS 3 Ross Howard
2 Benny McCoy 2B 32 George Logan
8 Don Padgett LF 27 Jack Paul
12 Eddie Pellagrini SS 26 Roger Young
18 Frankie Pytlak C 28 Bill Faulkner
23 Johnny Rigney P 8 Harvey Mizel
E. A. Thompson Pub. Rel. 16 Rodney Lewis
Myron “Mush” Esler Trainer 30 Gene Spangler
5 Roy Mayfield
1 Jimmy Bliss
11 Benny Lynch



Former Philadelphia Athletics second baseman Benny McCoy was an integral part of the 1942 Great Lakes squad (Courtesy of the Chuck Ailsworth Collection).


Printed on a lower grade paper stock that is consistent with military scorecards from the World War II era, this 16-page booklet has stood up to more than 75 years with little oxidation or deterioration.


This scorecard was provided, courtesy of the Chuck Ailsworth Collection.

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