1943 All Pacific Recreation Fund – Service All-Stars vs Los Angeles & Hollywood

The fine print on the cover differentiates this book from the 1944 program.

In 1943 after 18 months of building up of military strength in equipment and manning, most of the stars of the major leagues who were classified as 1-A (available for military service) were serving in the armed forces either voluntarily or as part of the Selective Service Act (the military draft). Many of these men were assigned to various domestic and campaign-theater bases, serving as physical fitness instructors and playing baseball for their fellow GIs as a morale boost.  In the previous months, many service baseball teams were already involved with charity exhibition games that served to raise monies in support of Army or Navy Relief Societies and for the various professional baseball equipment funds. During the summer of 1943, a handful of pivotal fund-raising games were held, culminating with the All-Star War-Bond Game on August 26, 1943 at the Polo Grounds. that featured  the greats of the Yankees, Giants and Dodgers.

Leading off that summer’s fund-raising (on July 28, 1943), following the afternoon American League game that saw the Cleveland Indians beat the Yankees by a score of 6-2, at Yankee Stadium. The main event of that day was the exhibition contest that pitted the visiting Navy Pre-Flight Cloudbusters (from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) against a combined squad from the Yankees and Indians (“Yanklands”) in which Naval Aviation Cadets, Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky, Buddy Gremp, Johnny Sain and Buddy Hassett faced off against the team that was coached by 48-year-old Babe Ruth (see: First, the Yankees Played the Indians. Then World War ll Took the Field).

At the opposite side of the country, another fund-raising game was organized by comedian and actor, Joe E. Brown with the goal of using the monies raised to purchase sporting equipment for soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors serving in the Pacific theater. The All Pacific Recreation game saw the host Pacific Coast League take on a squad of service all-stars, Instead of a blended roster of players from the two representative teams (the Los Angeles Angels and Hollywood Stars), the two squads split the game with each playing 4-1/2 innings.. The game was played at Gilmore Field in Los Angeles (home of the Angels) and raised more than $25,000 (see: A Passion for the Troops: Joe E. Brown’s All Pacific Recreation Fund).


An all-star team of professionals who happen to be serving in the armed forces during World War II.

This program is a booklet with multiple page of content with feature articles on General MacArthur, the purpose of the fund and service team players: Joe DiMaggio and Red Ruffing.

Ted Lyons, Red Ruffing and Harry Danning headline page two of the Service All-Stars photos.



Service all-stars including Joe Marty and Joe DiMaggio.

This scorecard was acquired in 2019 from Service All-Star team member, Chuck Stevens who was formerly of the St. Louis Browns/Toledo Mud Hens prior to joining the U.S. Army Air Force. He was assigned to the Air Transport Command’s 6th Ferrying Group in Long Beach, California.

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