1944 Great Lakes vs Local 72 UAW, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Printed on red card stock, this 1944 game (date unknown) between the Bluejackets and the United Auto Workers team from Local 72 has a distinctively different aesthetic from all of the other Great Lakes Naval Training Station game scorecards (Courtesy of the Chuck Ailsworth Collection).

This oversized scorecard (12″ x 9″) 1944 from a game between the Great Lakes Naval Training Station team vs Kenosha local UAW local 72 is rather unique. The cover is very clearly union-centric with the design (including the layout, fonts, artwork) and messaging and very unlike other wartime service team scorecards. The card also features two

The Great Lakes squad won 16-2. The scorecard is huge at 12 x 9. At that size it does not fit cleanly on my scanner! Then there is the line up insert which is 9 x 6. Both are single fold so four pages to each.

GLTNS Bluejackets Local 72 – UAW/CIO
Number Player Position Player Position
2 Bill Brandt P Press Cruthers MGR
3 Mickey Cochrane MGR/C George McNeil 1B
14 Al Glossop SS L. Baas 3B
18 Roy Hartsfield Jerry Poltrock C
16 Billy Herman 2B N. Madison CF
27 Bob Klinger P L. Boda RF
19 Merrill May 3B J. Bellaver CF
25 Johnny McCarthy 1B P. Capp LF
Carl Meyer Yeo. 2/c  Sebena SS
17 Walt Millies C J. Petreman P
26 Mizell Platt LF Hal Cruthers SS
31 Lynwood “Schoolboy” Rowe P P. Verlue P
23 Jim Trexler P  Olson P
22 Virgil Trucks P A Mattson P
24 Dick West RF R. Fox P
21 Gene Woodling CF R. Rockwood CF
“Skinny” Wavro P


Team rosters for the Bluejackets and the Local 72 (Courtesy of the Chuck Ailsworth Collection).


The scorecard is signed on the War Bond advertisement page by pitcher Jim Trexler (pre-war AA level), first baseman Jack McCarthy, second baseman Al Glossop (MLB 1939-1946), third baseman Merril May (MLB 1939-1943, All Star in 1940), right fielder Dick West (MLB 1938-1943), center-fielder Gene Woodling (MLB 1943-1962) and pitcher Bill Brandt (MLB 1941-1943).

This scorecard was provided, courtesy of the Chuck Ailsworth Collection.

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