1944 Hawaii Baseball League – Sub Base vs Army 7th Air Force

The cover of this single game program and scorecard is full of information and details that I have not seen before (source: eBay image).

Without question, scorecards from service games are difficult to acquire due to their scarcity (not to be confused with rarity and high collector-demand). The wealth of information contained in many of the others listed within this resource is immeasurable for researching players and teams however this program for a game played between the reigning 1943 Hawaii/Central Pacific League championship (Navy) team from the Submarine Base contains even more incredible details and facts for furthering research.

Though this program is lacking any reference to a specific year, it is quite simple to determine based upon the names on the 7th Air Force team. We know that Joe DiMaggio arrived in July of 1944 having played his last stateside ballgame at Fort Lawton in Seattle (just prior to shipping out to Pearl Harbor) however there is conflicting information stating that Joe was in a Hickam infirmary on July 9, 1944 (according to William Cole’s 2010 article, Misery filled baseball star’s days in isles during WWII). Regardless, the year of the program is verified.

Seeing the playing schedule is what makes these programs and scorecards invaluable for researching (source: eBay image).

With further research and (hopefully) uncovering more scorecards, programs and newspaper articles, more light will shine on and illuminate some of the information contained herein. The back page lists the “Fourth Round” schedule along with the teams, dates and times of each game to be played at Honolulu Stadium. Still to be determined are the specifics surrounding the other teams listed, Athletics, Braves, Hawaii, Tigers, Wanderers and Navy.

Rosters for the Navy Sub Base and Army 7th Air Force Teams

This is a goldmine of information for researching baseball in the armed forces in Hawaii. Seeing the Sub Base roster showed me that a ball that I landed a few months ago is probably from this team (source: eBay image).

The program is a bound. multi page, 8.5″ x 11″ (two-sided) printed on red cardstock with a fold. The front and back covers are on one side while the two rosters are stacked on the inside.


Though this roster was fairly well-stocked, winning the 1943 league championship, Army leadership grew wearing from being dominated and worked to stack the deck in their favor against this squad (source: eBay image).

Listed in the program as Navy Sub Base (1943 Champion) is clearly in reference to the team’s dominance of the previous season which convinced Army leadership to pull players from base teams spread across the Continental U.S. in order to be more competitive against the Navy’s highly talented teams within the Central Pacific leagues. While the Navy team did possess a few players with major league talent, several of those listed were only minor leaguers (noted with “*“) within their respective major league team’s professional organizations .

Name Pos Birthplace Age Club Played With, League, Year
Arnold Anderson P Sioux City, IA 23 Washington, American League, 1940-41
Robert Harris P Gillette, WY 28 Philadelphia (StL Browns), American League, 1942
Rankin Johnson P Hayden, AZ 26 Philadelphia, American League, 1941
Walter Masterson P/Mgr. Philadelphia, PA 23 Washington, American League, 1939, 40, 41, 42
Oscar Sessions P Kensett, AR 27 Navy, 1943
Edward Stutz P San Francisco, CA 31 San Francisco, PCL, 1931-41
Gene Atkinson C Houston, TX 22 Texas, Semi-pro
Neil Clifford* C Oakland, CA 25 Cincinnati, National League, 1940
Robert McCorkle C Durham, NC 24 Miami Beach, GA-FLA League, 1940
Earl Brady 3B Coeur D’ Alene, ID 24 Bellingham, WIL, 1939
Albert Brancato SS Philadelphia, PA 25 Philadelphia, American League, 1939, 40, 41
Thomas Bishop SS St. Louis, MO 25 St. Louis, Semi-Pro
Gordon Evans* 2B Castlegate, UT 24 Cleveland, American League, 1942
Frank Hecklinger 1B New York, NY 22 Newborn, Coastal Plain League, 1940
John Jeandron 3B New Orleans, LA 21 Port Arthur, Evangeline League, 1941-42
Bruce Konopka 1B Hammond, IN 23 Philadelphia, American League, 1942
Clovis White 2B Scotsville, KY 21 Ft. Worth, Texas League, 1939
Robert Durkin OF Boston, MA 21 Navy, 1943
Joseph Grace OF Gorham, IL 30 St. Louis, American League, 1941
Fred Merhoff OF Ontario, NY 23 Springfield College
Maurice Mozzali OF Louisville, KY 23 Louisville, Semi-Pro
John Powell OF Cleburne, TX 25 West Texas League, 1940
Phil Simione OF St. Louis, MO 26 Navy, 1941, 42, 43
Frank Snider OF Albertville, AL 23 Dothin, GA-FL League, 1942

Baseball Officer: CDR Tom Eddy

The Army 7th Air Force team would go on to dominate within the league as their roster was loaded with major league and Pacific Coast League talent.

A roster filled with pro-ball players (only two sem-pro and one unknown) from the majors, minors and one Negro leaguer, this team did dominate the Hawaii League during the summer of 1944 (source: eBay image).


# Name Pos Birthplace Age Club Played With, League, Year
1 Robert Dillinger 3B Glendale, CA 24 Toledo, American Association, 1943
2 Dario Lodigiani 2B San Francisco, CA 28 Chicago, American League, 1942
3 Walter Judnich OF San Francisco, CA 28 St, Louis, American League, 1942
4 Joe DiMaggio OF Martinez, CA 29 New York, American League, 1942
5 Myron McCormick OF Angels Camp, CA 27 Cincinnati, National League, 1943
6 Gerald Priddy SS Los Angeles 24 Washington, American League, 1942
7 Ferris Fain 1B San Antonio, TX 28 San Francisco, PCL, 1942
8 Charles Silvera C San Francisco, CA 19 Wellsville, Pony League, 1942
9 Wilfred Leonard C Salt Lake City, UT 22 Oakland, PCL, 1943
10 James Ashworth C Uranie, LA 23 Helena, Cotton SL, 1941
11 Kearny Kohlmeyer SS Loraine, OH 25 Tyler, East Texas League, 1940
12 John Bialoworczuk 3B Carteret, NJ 23 Perth-Amboy, Met. League, 1942
13 Rinaldo Ardizoia P Italy 24 Kansas City Blues, Am. Ass’n, 1942
14 Edward Jaab OF Chicago, IL 31 Moline, 3-I League, 1938
15 Joseph Gedzius 2B Chicago, IL 28 Oklahoma City, Texas League, 1940
17 Frank Saul P Oradell, NJ 20 Semi-Pro
18 Edward Funk P Quakerton, PA 26 Federalsburg, E. Shore League, 1940
19 Al Ceriello OF Concord, NY 31 Semi-Pro
20 John Winsett OF/Mgr McKenzie, TN 34 Brooklyn, National League, 1938
21 D. D.  Schmidt P
23 Arthur Rawlinson 1B Brooklyn, NY 24 Semi-Pro
24 William Schmidt P Oakland, CA 31 Sacramento, PCL, 1942
25 Alfred Lien P Canby, OR 28 San Francisco, PCL, 1943
26 James Hill C Birmingham, AL 30 Pensacola, S.E. League, 1942
27 Carl DeRose P Mallioa, MN 21 Amsterdam, Can-Am League, 1942
28 Harold Harrison P Raleigh, WV 22 Homestead Grays, 1941

Coaches: Joseph D. Clarke, LT. Col; John Shumbres, SSGT

This scorecard was listed at auction (online) in 2012.

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