1944 Honolulu War Bond Game

Williams Equipment Company Sportlight game program for the April 29, 1944 War Bond Baseball Game at Honolulu Stadium.

Several all-star games were played by major leaguers on various teams during the month of April in 1944. Though the team featuring the Major League players, all except for Tom Winsett were serving in the Navy (predominantly on the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins squad.

This single sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 colored paper is printed on each side with a center-fold. Originating from the personal collection of one of the major league players, Athletic Specialist Second Class, Al Brancato, formerly of the Philadelphia Athletics.

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The lineups for the game reveal that both teams were stocked with former professional ballplayers. Note that some mistakes including name misspellings were made this page was printed. The rosters below reflect the correct player information.

Major League Roster:

PlayerPositionFormer’44 Honolulu Lg. Team
Harold “Pee Wee” Reese SS Dodgers Aiea Hospital Hilltoppers 
Joseph “Joe” Grace OF Browns Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins 
Barney McCosky CF Tigers Aiea Naval Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Johnny Mize 1B Giants Naval Air Station Kaneohe Klippers 
Johnny Lucadello IF Browns Aiea Naval Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Tom Winsett OF Dodgers 7th AAF 
Eddie Pellagrini SS Louisville (AA) Aiea Naval Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Marvin Felderman C Cubs Naval Air Station Kaneohe Klippers 
Hugh Casey P Dodgers Naval Air Station Kaneohe Klippers 
Arnie “Red” Anderson Chattanooga (SOUA) Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins 
Albert (Al) Brancato 2B Athletics Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins 
George “Skeets” Dickey White Sox Aiea Hospital Hilltoppers 
 LT. Falkenstein MGR   
Tom Ferrick Indians Naval Air Station Kaneohe Klippers 
Robert A. “Bob” Harris Athletics Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins 
Rankin Johnson Athletics Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins 
Walt Masterson Senators Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins 
Vern Olsen Cubs Aiea Hospital Hilltoppers 
Wes Schulmerich Coach Reds Naval Air Station Kaneohe Klippers 
The Major League roster showing the starting line-up in their batting order in bold.

Honolulu League All-Star Roster:

PlayerPositionFormer’44 Honolulu Lg. Team
Tom Mizuno RF  Waikiki 
Cornel George “Kearny” Kohlmeyer SS Tyler (ETXL) 7th AAF 
Edward Puchleitner CF Grand Forks (NORL) Pearl Harbor Marines 
Sam Mele 1B NYU Pearl Harbor Marines 
Bob Usher LF Birmingham (SOUA) Aiea Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Joseph “Joe” Gedzius 2B Spokane (WINT) Aiea Receiving Barracks Maroons 
(Albert Francis?) Joe Duarte 3B  Pearl Harbor Civilians 
Frank Roberts C  Aiea Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Joe Wells P  Aiea Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Bill Azevedo RF/P  Hawaiian Air Department (HAD) 
Luther Branham LF Victoria (WINT) Fort Shafter Commandos 
Ray T. Fletcher Hartford (EL) Pearl Harbor Marines 
Edward Funk Federalsburg  (ESHL) 7th AAF 
William “Bill” Garbe 1B Hollywood (PCL) Aiea Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Bill “Lefty” “Dutch” Holland Pittsfield (CAML) Aiea Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Eddie Jaab CF  7th AAF 
Leonard “Len” Kaspavovitch  Mutual Telephone 
Gino Marionetti 2B Oakland (PCL Fort Shafter Commandos 
Tom Saviori RF Mobile (SEAL) Aiea Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Charles B. Simmons 3B  Aiea Receiving Barracks Maroons 
Andy Steinback Wisconsin Rapids (WISL) Pearl Harbor Marines 
The Honolulu League All-Stars roster showing the starting line-up in their batting order in bold.

The back cover of the program includes a basic scoring grid for hits and runs along with a schedule of the first few weeks of the Hawaii League games (Chevrons and Diamonds Collection).

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