Great Lakes vs Toledo – Navy Relief Fund

Navy Relief Fund Game – the Toledo Mud Hens host the Naval Training Station Great Lakes Blue Jackets.

Exhibition games between service and professional teams were held throughout World War II. This scorecard from July 15, 1942 was created for a doubleheader – an early contest between the Columbus Red Birds and the Toledo Mud Hens (both of the American Association)  and the main event that saw the Toledo team host Mickey Cochrane’s Great Lakes Naval Training Station’s Bluejackets.

This single sheet of heavy card stock is printed on two sides and is folded into thirds, providing a six-page card that includes rosters and scoring grids for both games of the doubleheader. As was standard in the professional game, this scorecard features a significant number of advertisements (including two full pages).

The two American Association teams (Columbus and Toledo) would each see a significant number of the men on these two rosters filling spots on service team rosters in the months following this game – a few even donned the uniform of Great Lakes.

Toledo Mud Hens Columbus Red Birds
# Name Pos # Name Pos
8 Beau Bell LF 15 Chuck Aleno 1B
9 Jack Bradsher LF 4 John Antonelli 3B
22 Jim Bucher 2B 16 Frank Barrett P
7 Milt Byrnes CF 12 Augie Bergamo UT
2 Mark Christman SS 7 Rae Blaemire C
17 Bill Cox P 8 Harry Brecheen P
12 Bob Dillinger 3B 18 Ken Burkhart P
11 Art Keller CF 14 Bill Crouch P
14 Harry Kimberlin P 23 Frank Gabler P
20 Johnny Marcum P 6 Jim Gleeson CF
18 Archie McKain P 11 Tommy Heath C
21 Fritz Ostermueller P 9 Lou Klein SS
19 Roy Parmelee P 3 Eddie Lukon LF
1 Ray Parrott RF 10 Howie Moss UT
23 Ewald Pyle P 20 Red Munger P
15 Fred Sanford P 24 George Myatt RF
3 Carl Schultz UT 19 Preacher Roe P
9 Hal Spindel CF 17 Ted Wilks P
4 Chuck Stevens 1B 5 Dib Williams 1B
16 Lin Storti UT 2 Pep Young 2B
10 Fred Haney Mgr. 1 Eddie Dyer Mgr.


In the second game of the double-header, the Mud Hens hosted Mickey Cochrane’s Great Lakes Naval Training Station Bluejackets, defeating the sailors 7-3.

Toledo Mud Hens Great Lakes NTS Bluejackets
# Name Pos # Player Position
8 Beau Bell LF 10 Chester Hajduk 1B
9 Jack Bradsher LF 2 Benny McCoy 2B
22 Jim Bucher 2B 19 Ernie Andres 3B
7 Milt Byrnes CF 11 John Lucadello SS
2 Mark Christman SS 8 Don Padgett LF
17 Bill Cox P 15 Earl Bolyard CF
12 Bob Dillinger 3B 9 Joe Grace RF
11 Art Keller CF 18 Frankie Pytlak C
14 Harry Kimberlin P 7 Sam Harshaney C
20 Johnny Marcum P 17 Russ Meers P
18 Archie McKain P 23 Johnny Rigney P
21 Fritz Ostermueller P 25 Jim Reninger P
19 Roy Parmelee P 20 Cliff Clay P
1 Ray Parrott RF 14 Don Dunker P
23 Ewald Pyle P 16 Dick Klein P
15 Fred Sanford P 26 Herman Fishman p
3 Carl Schultz UT 27 Don Godfredson p
9 Hal Spindel CF 3 Mickey Cochrane Mgr.
4 Chuck Stevens 1B Hinkle CH
16 Lin Storti UT 22 Mulky CH
10 Fred Haney Mgr.

The crowd that this game drew was nearly 10,000 strong and was one of the largest to see a Toledo game (at Swayne Field) and the loss to Toledo was only the eighth in 50 games already played in the 1942 season.

The main event game between the Great Lakes Naval Training Station Bluejackets versus the Toledo Mud Hens.


This scorecard was obtained from one of the men (Toledo’s first baseman, Chuck Stevens) who played for Toledo and would find later enlist into the U.S. Army Air Forces and find himself assigned to the 6th Ferrying Group, Wheeler Air Field (in Hawaii) and as part of the Air Force’s 1945 Pacific Island tours.



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