Independence Day Baseball Program

4th of July Independence Day Program

Pearl Harbor’s Chickamauga Park played host to two games at Schofield Barracks including the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base team.

This program and scorebook provided fantastic insight into multiple teams’ rosters from the Hawaii Leagues in 1943. In addition to the heavily sought after Pearl Harbor Submarine Base team, rosters from the Red Landers of Schofield Barracks and the Flyers from Bellows Field shed light upon what was previously unknown.

The cover of the scorebook is printed in monochrome (black) on (heavily-faded green) colored card stock paper and shows a significant crease from the book being folded. Stapled into the center is a single sheet of folded white paper (adding four pages) with enough scoring grids to keep score for both games that were set to be played that day (July 4th, 1943).


Pearl Harbor Submarine Base:

Player Position
Tom Bishop SS
Jim Brennan Pitcher
Camerlin Pitcher
Bob Durkin RF
Carl Fastnacht 1B
Fenton (Dick Trenton) Pitcher
Bill Gerald 3B
Jimmy Gleeson CF
Frank Hecklinger 1B
George (Nig) Henry Pitcher
Hunt Pitcher
John Jeandron 3B
Raymond (Ray) Keim Pitcher
Walt Masterson Pitcher
Bob McCorkle C
Chuck Medlar Pitcher
Maurice “Mo” Mozzali LF
Gene “Pee Wee” Atkinson C
Bill Gerald 2B
Petras 3B
John Powell OF
Dutch Raffeis MGR
Gene Rengel 1B
Richardson Pitcher
Johnny Rogers RF
Oscar Sessions Pitcher
Phil Simione SS
Frank Snider RF
Bill Stevenson Pitcher
Ray Volpi Pitcher
Bob White 2B
Zangrilli C

Schofield Barracks Red Landers:

Name Position
Faoro  2b
Ardanaz  CF
Williams  1b
Maisano  3b
Gautraux  C
Bielke  RF/P
Ray  LF
Cerillo  SS
Tepper  P
Orlando  2B
McLeod  2b
Lagorassimo  RF
Condellon  C
Filson  P
Stokes  P
Selmo  P
Correa  C
Marshall  OF
M<arquette  2b
Lt. Joe Losee  Head Coach
Lt. Harry Collins  Assistant
Staff Sgt. H. S. Bellows  Manager


Bellows Field Flyers:

Name Position
Tilton  RF
Coats  CF
Nosal  LF
Misek  C
Crincovic  1b
Beckett  3b
Wolak  SS
Kovalchak  2b
Dodson  P
Campbell  P
Adanski  UT
Ridilla  OF
Skatsky Sweilkauskas  Manager
Ly. C. W. Staffer  Baseball officer
T-Sgt Joe McCarthy  Publicity
The over-sized Air Transportation Command patch located on Red Ruffing’s jersey is unique and indicates that this is the team’s home uniform (as shown on the scorecard’s back cover).
4th of July Independence Day Program - Back Cover

The schedule of events for the 4th of July program including the two baseball games and a softball game for the celebration,.

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