Navy vs Major League All-Stars

Navy vs Major League All Stars score card, April 19, 1944 (Chevrons and Diamonds Collection).

It is a slight stretch of the truth that this game was billed as the Navy taking on a team of major league all-stars. The Navy squad is listed with name (last name and initials), rating and rate and positron, at least seven of the men are, in fact, major leaguers. For some reason, Walt Masterson appears on both rosters. Several of the Navy squad were members of the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base team (including Oscar Sessions, a combat veteran from the USS Minneapolis who would pitch in the Army vs Navy All-Star Championship Series later in 1944). What makes this four-page card stock scorebook invaluable is that the Navy team includes the ratings of the men which are often quite difficult to determine without obtaining official documentation.

Filling out the Navy roster were the men of the Pear Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins. Note that Walter Masterson was listed for both teams yet he played for the Navy team (Chevrons and Diamonds Collection).


Player, Rating/RatePosition
J. M. Jeandron, PhM3/c3B
R. L. Ward, CMM3B
C. D.  White, EM2/c2B
E. J.  Brady, SF2/c2B
A. Brancato, SK2/cSS
T. B. Bishop, EM2/cSS
F. T. Snider, SMRF
F. D.  Merhoff, GM1/cRF
D. T. Meyers, S2/cRF
M. J.  Mozzali, TM2/cLF
R. E.  Durkin, MM2/cLF
E. T.  Hecklinger, GM3c1B
A. J.  Meyers, S2/c1B
J. H. Powell, MS1/cCF
P. S.  Simione, BM2/cCF
A. F.  Felonk, MM3/cCF
N. E. Clifford, MM2/cC
 McCorkle, CoxC
N. E. Atkinson, TM2/cC
O. M.  Sessions, CEMP
N. J.  Madigan, ML1/cP
A. R. Johnson, YN1/cP
J. D.  Brennen, EM2/cP
T. H.  Brass, C SpP
G. Henry, CBMP
E. F.  Stutz, CM2/cP
A. R.  Anderson, SMP
R. A.  Harris, SP 1/cP
N. S.  Roos, SMP
W. E.  Masterson, C SpP
The Major League All-Stars, with the exception of Tom Winsett, were all serving in the Navy. “Long” Tom Winsett was the manager of the 7th Army Air Force Team based at Hickam Field (Chevrons and Diamonds Collection).

Major League All-Stars:

Eddie PellegriniSS
Joe Grace3B
Barney McCoskyCF
Johnny Mize1B
Johnny Lucadello2B
J. T. WinsettLF
Vern OlsenRF
Marv FeldermanC
Hugh CaseyP
George Dickey 
Pee Wee Reese 
Tom Ferrick 
Bob Harris 
Walt Masterson 

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