Norfolk NTS vs Washington Senators

The cover of the Norfolk NTS vs Washington Senators season opener baseball program shows some minor creasing.

With the 1942 season fully in the rear view mirror and the departure of key players (including Bob Feller and Sam Chapman), the retooled and heavily re-stocked 1943 Norfolk Naval Training Station Bluejackets roster was, perhaps the most formidable base or command team in the armed forces. This program showcases the ’43 team’s opening weekend series against the Washington Senators ahead of the Major League Baseball opening.

The two-sided single sheet of card stock is professionally printed and incorporates subtle, yet classy cover art and 11 head-shot roster photos (four members of each team) along with the Bluejackets’s leadership (on the back cover). Each team is divided up by position and the rosters provide jersey numbers and their 1942 team experience.

Showing all four panels of the April 1943 Norfolk Naval Training Station vs Washington Senators program.The paper of this program is slightly discolored due to aging and it has been folded (perhaps kept in a uniform pocket of an attendee) yet the overall condition is quite good.

The two interior pages provide rosters of each team which include the team members’ name, jersey numbers, position and previous professional ball-playing experience.

Norfolk Naval Training Station Bluejackets:

No. Name Position 1942 Club
2 Ben McCoy Inf Great Lakes
7 Jim Carlin Inf NTS Norfolk
8 Jack Conway Inf Baltimore/NTS Norfolk
13 Phil Rizzuto Inf New York Yankees
16 Eddie Robinson Inf Baltimore
19 Jeff Cross Inf Rochester/Houston
3 Ernest DeVaurs OF NTS Norfolk
21 Don Padgett OF St. Louis/Great Lakes
11 Jim Gleeson OF Cincinnati/Columbus
9 Dominick DiMaggio OF Boston Red Sox
20 Mel Preibisch, CSp OF/Asst. NTS Norfolk
1 Fred Hutchinson P NTS Norfolk
5 Walter Masterson P Washington
6 Henry Feimster P NTS Norfolk
10 Tom Earley P Boston Braves
12 Max Wilson P NTS Norfolk
14 Charles Wagner P Boston Red Sox
15 Ray Volpi P Kansas City
17 Carl Ray P NTS Norfolk
4 Vincent Smith C NTS Norfolk
18 Bill Deininger C Sheboygan Wis.
G. R. Bodie, Bos’n Head Coach NTS Norfolk
C. M. Parker, Ensign Assistant NTS Norfolk


The addition of the Norfolk base’s leadership and the message from Captain McClure is a nice touch along with the month’s playing schedule at the bottom of the page.

The back cover of the Norfolk Naval Training Station vs Washington Senators program includes the April schedule and a message from Captain Henry McClure.

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