USASTAF Major League Baseball All Stars

This all-star game program was created for the September 7, 1945 game held on Guam. The “Wingmen” of the 314th Bomb Wing led by Enos Slaughter, Birdie Tebbetts and Joe Gordon defeated the “Flyers” by a score of 13-10.

By 1945, there was little doubt as to the outcome of the War however what was not known is when it would conclude and just how many more losses American families would have to suffer. During the previous year, units in the Pacific Theater, while on R&R on a few of the islands that were well protected from the reaches of the enemy, games were being played by the average Joes (which often included professional ball players).

General Carl A. Spaatz (shown lighting his pipe) soon after he arrived on Guam to assume command USASTAF (image source:

When the game between the Wingmen and Flyers on the Island of Guam was played, 25 days had elapsed since Major Charles Sweeny piloted the B-29 “Bockscar” over Nagasaki delivering the atomic bomb, Fat Man over the target-city. With only four days elapsed since the Japanese envoys Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu and Gen. Yoshijiro Umezu signed the Instrument of Surrender, ending World War II. Thirteen months prior, the Battle of Guam ended (on August 10, 1944) allowing Navy CBs to transform the (formerly-Japanese-held) island into a staging area for the pressing the attack, driving the enemy towards his homelands.

Even as the USASTAF Major League All Stars game was being played on Guam, one lone enemy combatant (Private Bunzō Minagawa held out from 1944 until May 1960 ) evaded capture on the island and would continue to do so for another 15 years.

This view of the full program and page orientation shows how the printing is oriented on this single sheet of paper.

The design of the program from the game is a departure from what could be considered “normal” among wartime military baseball publications. This four-page booklet is printed on one side of a single-sheet of paper and then hand-folded into quarters. The paper is a rather heavy, yet rudimentary stock which has most-likely contributed to (my copy’s) survival of handling and storage. This example is well-worn and shows signs of ink or paint spills. The cover is adorned with a hand-written (in pencil) note:

“Names of players inside | Games played on Guam during August + Sept. 1945”

The two interior pages provide rosters of each team which include the team members’ name, rank, position and previous professional ball-playing experience.


SilveraCharlieCplCAmerican Association
StorieBurlS/SgtCTexas League
MazurJohnnyCplCPiedmont League
Hughson“Tex”PfcPBoston Red Sox
Dean“Chubby”PfcPCleveland Indians
LienAlCplPPacific Coast League
Kehn“Chet”PfcPBrooklyn Dodgers
Schmidt“Big Bill”SgtpPacific Coast League
ChandlerEdCplPPacific Coast League
GillGeorgeCplPDetroit Tigers
FainFerrisS/SgtIFPacific Coast League
SturmJohnnySgtIFNew York Yankees
LodgianiDarioSgtIFChicago White Sox
LillyArtCplIFPacific Coast League
DillingerBobPfcIFAmerican Association
RiggsLewCplIFBrooklyn Dodgers
RojekStanSgtIFBrooklyn Dodgers
WrightTaftSgtOFChicago White Sox
McCormick“Mike”CplOFCincinnati Reds
MillsBuster1st LtOF/MgrCleveland Indians
WestMaxCplOFBoston Braves


Tebbetts“Birdie”CaptC/MgrDetroit Tigers
LeonardWillCplCPacific Coast League
GabrielliTomPfcCPony League
PolletHowiePfcPSt. Louis Cadinals
OlsenAlCplPPacific Coast League
PopovichNickPfcPPacific Coast League
Ardizoia“Rugger”CplPNew York Yankees
HudsonSidSgtPWashington Senators
PitterRoyCplPEastern League
DeRoseCarlCplPCan-Amer League
GoletzStan1st LtPChicago White Sox
Stevens“Chuck”CplIFSt. Louis Browns
ReichHermanCplIFPacific Coast League
Gordon“Flash” JoeCplIFNew York Yankees
AdamsBobCplIFCincinnati Reds
Hitchcock“Billy”MajIFDetroit Tigers
FernandezFroilanCplIFBoston Braves
JudnichWaltSgtIFSt. Louis Browns
JensenJohnnyCplOFPacific Coast League
Slaughter“Country”SgtOFSt. Louis Cadinals
LangDonCplOFBoston Red Sox
MartyJoeSgtOFPhiladelphia Phillies
This action photo of Joe “Flash” Gordon was taken during one of the All Stars games on the Marianas Islands – shown here on Tinian.

The back page includes and action photo of Joe Gordon with a caption that reads, “Tinian – Joe “Flash” Gordon, popular Yankee second baseman crosses home plate after a long right field home run. Umpire Vince Smith, Pirate Catcher, watches while Don Lang, Boston Red Sox, prepares to bat.”

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