GoldSmith/MacGregor-Goldsmith/MacGregor Uniform Tag Reference

In the absence of any credible or consistent online database of uniform tags or labels for baseball jerseys made by the  Goldsmith/MacGregor Goldsmith/MacGregor sporting goods company through their evolution, this page will be used to capture the tags in order to be used for comparative analysis and uniform dating. Tags will only be added to this page from confirmed, dated uniforms in order to be a reliable resource.

Tag Year Uniform
  1946 Brooklyn Dodgers Road Jersey
  1948 Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey
  1951 Brooklyn Dodgers (Roy Campanella, road)
  1955 Denver Bears (road)
  1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Road Jersey
  1958 Amateur league baseball undershirt
  1961 Chicago White Sox (road)
  1967 Detroit Tigers (road)
  1967 Santa Clara Broncos (road)
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