Other Military Sports Ephemera

Clearly, Chevrons and Diamonds focuses on baseball militaria and the artifacts from the national pastime as it was played within the ranks of the armed forces. In addition, our collection includes personal pieces from players who served in the armed forces before, during or after their baseball careers. Our colleagues and readers often ask if our collection contains pieces from other sports or if we pursue anything outside of the foul lines. While baseball is our focus it is inevitable that unrelated sports artifacts do wind up in our collection.

Below is a small list of vintage ephemera related to other armed forces athletics endeavors that our readers might enjoy. These treasures came to us, included within groups of baseball items.

Scorecards and Programs

SportGame/EventTeamsVenueGame Date
Baseball14th Naval District Season – 1st HalfNavy and Marine CorpsVariousMay 6 – June 20, 1945
FootballManila BowlArmy (11th Airborne) vs NavyRizal Stadium
Manila, P.I.
Jul. 4,1945
FootballUSAAF vs Army
Football Game
Manila Bears vs Nichols and Nelson FieldsRizal Stadium
Manila, P.I.
Sept. 8,1945
Baseball14th Naval District Season – 2nd HalfNavy and Marine CorpVariousJune 17 – Sept 16, 1945
FootballArmy vs NavyNavy vs Army Air ForcesFurlong Field, CHA Pearl Harbor, T.H.Oct. 14, 1945
FootballAll-Stars vs BearsService All- Stars vs Hollywood BearsGilmore Stadium
Hollywood, CA
Jan. 20, 1946
Basketball78th Div vs 3rd Inf. Rgmt.78th Infantry Division vs 3rd Infantry RegimentBerlin, GermanyJan. 4-5, 1946
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