Products used by Chevrons and Diamonds

All of the artifacts that we take in are evaluated to determine their condition and planning for ongoing care, display and storage considerations. No material is in a steady state as there are natural elements at play to accelerate biodegradation. Gloves, bats, balls, jerseys and uniforms, paper and photographs all require a plan to slow down the process and to ensure long-term stability and aesthetics.

The products listed below are not endorsed by Chevrons and Diamonds staff but are provided in response to inquiries from our readers and colleagues. Every product listed is used by our staff during our routine cleaning and maintenance cycles.

Before the initial cleaning, this GoldSmith Elmer Riddle model shows signs of being very dry and moderate soiling. Our cleaning and conditioning process will reinvigorate the leather after nearly eight decades of aging (Chevrons and Diamonds Collection).

Glove Care:



Replacement Lacing:

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