The Williams Sportlight – Hawaii Baseball League Schedule, Third Round

(Chevrons and Diamonds Collection)

While neither a scorecard nor a program, these diminutive booklets are treasures of baseball militaria ephemera. Printed on colored cardstock, these eight-page Williams Sportlight roster and schedule booklets are 5-1/2 x 3-1/2 in size were produced for each round of the Hawaii League season showcasing the personnel on each team’s roster and the game schedule for the multi-week period. This booklet encompasses the third round that ran from June 18, 1944 through July 8. For the 1944 season, the long-standing Hawaii League consisted of five civilian ball clubs and two military teams. Peppered throughout most of the civilian teams were military players with former professional experience who were farmed out to bolster the league in light of the top-flight talent situated on the Navy and Army Air Force rosters.

(Chevrons and Diamonds Collection)

Printed on orange cardstock, the Third Round booklet’s pages are secured with a single staple at the centerfold. The first two interior pages feature the service teams and provide a bit more detail than is preset for the other teams’ rosters including birthplace, age and former ballclub experience. Download a printable copy.

(Chevrons and Diamonds Collection)
The third round of the Hawaii League ran from June 18 through July 8.

Our copy of the Williams Sportlight Hawaii League roster and schedule booklet came from the personal collection of Al Brancato who played for the Pearl Harbor Submarine Base Dolphins in 1944. See the Williams Sportlight – Hawaii Baseball League Schedule, Fourth Round.

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