Southern Germany Championship – 3rd vs 7th Armies | Soldiers’ Field, Nuremberg, August 25, 1945

This scorecard is from the three-game 1945 Southern Germany Championship series. Nurnberg (Nuremberg) Stadium, now known as Soldiers’ Field, hosted the series between the Champions of the Third Army (71st Division “Red Circlers”) and the Seventh Army (29th Division “Blues and Grays”) in late August, 1945 (Robert Rumbold Collection).

The three game series that pit the champions of the Third Army (71st Infantry Division “Red Circlers) and the Seventh Army (29th Infantry Division “Blue and Grays”) in late August, 1945 decided one of the teams that would face the Oise All-Stars in the GI World Series.

The 71st Division squad had an abundance of riches in talent that featured several players with major and high-minor league experience. Though the 29th was a powerhouse in their own right, the Red Circlers were the superior club and defeated the Blues and Grays in three straight games. This scorecard, as indicated by the accompanying letter from the original owner, was from the second game in which former Atlanta Crackers (class “A1” of the Southern Association) hurler, Bill Ayers tossed a 3-1 no-hitter.

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Lineups and Scoring Grid:

The rosters printed on this scorecard are likely specific to the second game due to omissions of players that were known to be on the roster preceding this game.

This game scorecard is unscored but the owner noted the lineups and augmented it with some of the players’ pre-war ballplaying experience. Some of his notations are incorrect (Robert Rumbold Collection).

The back page of the 1945 Southern Germany Championship scorecard is an advert promoting the Armed Forces Network (Munich) radio broadcast of the series throughout the region

The back cover of the scorecard features a promotion of the Armed Forces Network (Munich) regarding the broadcasting of the series games (Robert Rumbold Collection).

This scorecard is part of the Robert Rumbold Collection and was published here with permission from the owner.

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