Wartime Scorecards, European Theater of Operations

GameTeamsVenueGame Date
Air Force General Depot No. 5 All Star Classic“American League” All Stars vs “National League” All StarsUnknownWednesday, May 30, 1945
Third Army – Baseball Championship Series71st ID vs 76th IDNuremberg Stadium, Nurnberg, GermanyAugust 7, 8, 9 – 1945
Southern Germany Championship*3rd Army vs 7th Army ChampionsNuremberg Stadium, Nurnberg, GermanyAugust 25, 1945
USFET GI World SeriesOise All-Stars vs 71st IDNuremberg Stadium, Nurnberg, GermanySaturday, September 2, 1945
VE Day Baseball60th Infantry vs 39th InfantryGo Devil Stadium, Ingoldstadt, GermanyWednesday, May 8, 1946
*” denotes item is NOT part of the Chevrons and Diamonds Collection.

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