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Collecting and researching military baseball artifacts is a considerable challenge due to the scarcity of the pieces in contrast to the incredible volumes of professional equipment that has been available for decades. Chevrons and Diamonds (C&D) was created to be a reliable resource providing documented and sourced research and sharing it with fellow collectors and interested historians.  Below is an ever-increasing gathering of resources that are used by C&D on a routine basis. As more are discovered and vetted, they will be added, here.

Uniforms, Equipment and Ephemera References:

Sites Discussing Baseball in the Armed Forces:

  • Baseball in Wartime – Gary Bedingfield’s comprehensive site detailing the history of the game and its players during the wars.
  • Baseball’s Greatest Sacrifice – This site sheds light on those ball players who, while serving their nation, made the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Baseball Enlists: National Baseball Hall of Fame – The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s online artifact exhibit dedicated to the game during World War II.
  • Infinite Card Set/Studio Gary C – A baseball history site like no other, Gary Cieradkowski’s beautiful artwork in the form of baseball cards augment his detailed research and biographic narratives covering both obscure and well-known baseball figures. Several of his subjects served in the armed forces and are featured prominently among his work. Gary has authored multiple books that encapsulate his Infinite Cards, bios and additional artwork.
  • KeyMan Collectibles – Wartime Baseball Memorabilia & Collectibles American History: Part I | Part II

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